Letter | If you're using my old number plates, you've been warned

Letter | If you're using my old number plates, you've been warned

SOME readers will be aware that over the past couple of years I have given talks about the various kinds of scam that fraudsters have employed in their attempts to transfer other people's funds illegitimately to themselves.

During National Scam Awareness Week, it seems appropriate to remind everyone to be vigilant.

Several weeks ago, members of Reliance Bank received correspondence headed "Fraud Alert". It warned that some members had been subject to a range of attempted scams.

Last week I received a phone call warning me that my NBN connection was about to be removed unless I supplied them with various pieces of personal information.


I know it is redundant to remind readers that no financial institution or government department will ever ask for your personal details, including your PIN number.

The second scam is much more local. It has been my practice for the last several years to park some of my vehicles at the top of the hill adjacent to Gingkin Road in winter. Last year I lost a number plate.

Last week I was stopped for a random breath test and licence check. The police officer said that I had lost a number plate. It transpired that I had indeed lost both.

While I am prepared to believe that one may have fallen off, both is unlikely. I suspect malfeasance.

I have replaced the number plates and installed CCTV surveillance. Those who are now using my old number plates, beware.

Steve Watson