Letter | Worth remembering we've tried line marking before

Letter | Worth remembering we've tried line marking before

I NOTE over several weeks there have been two letters in the Oberon Review advocating that parking lines should be placed in the main street of Oberon.

I assume that these people are not aware that a small trial of parking lines was conducted many years ago and it was very short-lived - no sooner down than gone.

The reason was that it was immediately obvious that it did not improve parking availability due to the fact that if one vehicle parked over a line then the effect was compounded down along the available parking spaces.


There was greater concern at the time that the lines detracted from the town's image of being a small and friendly community. I would suggest that the majority of long-term residents still feel this way.

I am not surprised that the traffic committee - which, I believe, has served this community with good advice over the years - chose not to support the proposal.

I also note that in one letter it is suggested that the funding for the placement of the lines could come from the Town Improvement Fund.

It is my understanding that this fund is not for this purpose, but for improvement of the town's facilities - such as footpaths and other necessary infrastructure which are not currently available in all areas.

On this basis, I am also concerned that it is rumoured that a significant part of the Town Improvement Fund, being in excess of several hundred thousand dollars, has been allocated to provide the missing funds required for the extension on the library.

Again, if I recall correctly, the Town Improvement Fund has been raised by an ongoing levy on residents living within the town boundary to enable the ongoing provision of facilities such as footpaths, etc, not required by those people living in the rural areas.

As these funds were raised for a specific purpose, they are restricted for use within the guidelines for which they were collected.

Again, in my opinion, I believe council is playing a dangerous game if it is trying to bend the rules with what appears to be ensuring a signature building extension perhaps just to stroke someone's ego.

In my opinion, I am sure there will be more to be said by others about this action.

Keith Sullivan