Oberon Review
The Oberon Review is the only detailed source of local news for people within the Oberon Local Government Area.

The Review has become an important part of town culture, and has one of the higher readership rates per capita in the Central West.

It covers a range of issues concerning local life, and is an approachable publication that will support or cover any number of local causes and issues.

The Oberon Review is a weekly publication with a high penetration rate and keeps its readers informed, educated and entertained.

The town of Oberon has a long and close association with the timber industry, and the lush surrounding hills and valleys have made for a great farming environment for thousands through the years.

It has a proud sporting history, particularly in rugby league, and boasts a number of excellent sporting facilities, including one of the most picturesque golf courses west of the Blue Mountains.

Tourism is another important part of Oberon's identity, with pastimes such as gold panning and fossicking, trout fishing, hunting, mushrooming and bushwalking all popular with visitors, particularly those wanting to get away from the city.

The Oberon Local Government Area has one of the highest rates of employment in the entire country thanks largely to the timber processing factories, which along with tourism, transport and agriculture forms the backbone of the local economy.