Oberon Campdraft Club host 200 riders at showground for 2021 event

CAMPDRAFTING: Harry Larnach concentrates as he works the arena. Picture: Penwood Creations

CAMPDRAFTING: Harry Larnach concentrates as he works the arena. Picture: Penwood Creations

KEEN horse riders tacked up for the 2021 Oberon Campdraft at Oberon Showground on November 19, 20 and 21.

It was the first event back for most riders post COVID lockdown and Oberon Campdraft Club secretary Kim Cameron was pleased the rain held off.

"It looked like it was going to be against us," she said.

"Everyone was ringing to see if it was still going ahead with the wet weather forecast but it held off which was fantastic."

Cameron said the event brought around 200 competitors to town as well as local riders.

"They came from all over, we had people from down at Tumut, the Coast and out West," she said.

"We had about 630 or 40 runs over the three days too."

She said most people arrived Thursday night and enjoyed their stay in Oberon for the whole duration of the event.

"Everyone had a good time and we had a barbecue on Friday night and then our dinner put on by Mahwood's IGA on Saturday night and we finished by lunchtime Sunday which was good because it got a bit wet with the rain," she said.

Cameron said it was a successful weekend and everyone complied with the COVID regulations.

"Given it was one of the first campdraft's to run out since restrictions have lifted people were very good with following the ruling. We followed the guidelines and checked everyone's double vaccination proof," she said.

She also wanted to thank the sponsors of the campdraft and the competitors for making it an enjoyable weekend.


Novice draft:

  • 1st Marcus Hadley/Maggi (174)
  • 2nd Emily Thomas/ Tune Up (173)
  • 3rd Marcus Hadley/Striker (171)
  • 4th Simon Dodwell/Yalatta Park's Faith (169)

Open 4 draft:

  • 1st Rodney Crump/Fancy Rey Duck (89)
  • 2nd, 3rd,4th Damien Ventry/Matrix, Ian Laurie/Dulcie, Cody Rogers/Sweet Chilli (88)
  • 5th, 6th Jack Kable/Bandanna, Ian Laurie/Dandy (87)

Ladies draft:

  • 1st Louise Cameron/Rocko (178)
  • 2nd Emily Thomas/Weapon (176)
  • 3rd Jess Cormie/Special (171)
  • 4th Kelsey Bandy/Rayma Simplicity (170)
  • Giovanna Rossi/ Reverie Recall (156)

Juvenile draft:

  • 1st Molly Peacock/Chex (80)
  • 2nd Shay Bandy/Ten Bar Oak (79)
  • 3rd Harrison Mackillop/Cutlers Kelly (78)
  • 4th Tom Hukins/Delcon (61)
  • 5th Daniel Kable/Patience, Lacey Quinn/Condor, Larney Malone/Jackpot (21)

Junior draft:

  • 1st Max Meredith
  • 2nd James Hadley
  • 3rd Josh Fardell, James Hadley, Hayden Tarlinton

Robs Rural Encouragement winners 2021:

  • 1st Emma Boland (83)
  • 2nd , 3rd Madison Ford, Shannon Toohey (8)1
  • 4th Col Thomas (79)
  • 5th Brooke Munro

Maiden A winners:

  • 1st Emily Thomas (180)
  • 2nd John Ewin (171)
  • 3rd Steve Mooney (170)
  • 4th Marcus Hadley (168)
  • 5th Travis Bandy (167)

Maiden B winners:

  • Luke Whitehead/Leauka's Floozy Girl (177)
  • Simon Dodwell/Kaylee Park Pearl (171)
  • Jack Kable/Sadie (170)
  • Marcus Hadley/Striker (166)
  • Luke Cheney/Matilda (165)

Open draft:

  • 1st Tom Denson/Sweet Lady (176)
  • 2nd Nigel Kable/Chevin Bronson (175)
  • 3rd Luke Cheney/Braveheart (169)
  • 4th Travis Bandy/Weapon (165)
  • 5th Jack Kable/Chevin Lynx (111)