Five weekend projects that only require a sample pot

SWISH: If you're painting a large flat surface, use a small roller for a smooth finish.

SWISH: If you're painting a large flat surface, use a small roller for a smooth finish.

Sample pots are a cost-effective way to test out different shades of paint in your home. These handy little pots allow you to visualise how the colour will look in different lighting so you can find your perfect colour match without committing to cans of paint you don't love.

Small in size but big in value, sample pots can do a lot more than just help your colour choice. If you want to try your hand at a painting project but are experiencing the Fear of Mucking Up (FOMU), start small with a few handy little sample pots.

To help inspire you, British Paints has come up with five easy DIY projects that only require a sample pot. These projects show it doesn't take much to brighten up your space, just a little bit of paint and your imagination.

Bring an old table back to life

Bored of your dining room table? Revamp it this weekend using a sample pot. While the pot won't cover the entire piece, you can add a pop of colour by painting just the legs or switch it up and give the tabletop a splash of paint. For this project, you'll need sandpaper, a small paintbrush or roller and your trusty sample paint pot.

Before you start, make sure to sand the areas you wish to paint to remove old varnish, paint, or imperfections. Keep your touch light as you sand to avoid gouging the surface and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust or residue.

Give an old plant pot some love

Painting a plant pot is an easy way to add a touch of colour to your home, garden or porch. Either update some old terracotta pots or paint the one that the plant came in for an inexpensive alternative to buying a brand-new pot. You'll need a few paintbrushes, painters' tape and your sample paint pot.

Before painting, give your pot a good scrub and allow it to dry to remove any dirt. Leave a terracotta pot out to dry for at least a day, as they retain a lot of water.

Create some abstract art

You don't need to have a steady hand or painting experience to create some unique art for your home. For this project you'll need different sized brushes and sponges, your sample pots, and a canvas or large piece of plywood.

If you're using wood, give it a light sand and wipe-down to create a smooth surface for your masterpiece. Experiment with asymmetrical shapes, dab the paint with sponges to create texture or get a little messy with some splatter art. If you want something more contemporary, use painters' tape to mark out linear patterns and paint segments in different shades.

Paint a mural for a kid's bedroom

Adding some shapes and colours to a plain wall is a cost effective and simple way to decorate and best of all, you can mix and match colours to suit your existing colour scheme. For this project you'll need a few sample pots in different colours, sandpaper, a pencil, an eraser, and a small angled brush.

Start by giving the wall a wipe down to remove any dirt or residue that might mess up your masterpiece. Next, use your pencil to draw out the shapes you want on your wall, use a light touch so you can remove the outlines later. If you're stuck for ideas, consider popular options such as a rainbow or an abstract design with irregular shapes and spots.

Once you have your outlines, use an angled brush to paint the outline of each shape and then fill in the rest. If you're layering shapes or spots, start with the light colour and once dry, move to darker shades for the top layers so the colours don't show through.

Make glass vases look like ceramic art

Ceramic vases are a stunning and simple way to add a touch of modernity to any shelf. All you need is a sample paint pot, glass vase, brushes, and baking powder.

Grab any old vase from the back of your cupboard or visit your local op shop and choose something with an interesting shapes. Give the vase a thorough clean with hot, soapy water and allow it to dry.

Mix together one teaspoon of baking powder per one cup of paint, stir thoroughly until the mixture thickens and starts to form bubbles. Using a small flat brush, paint your vase using horizontal strokes working from bottom to top. Allow it to dry, apply a second coat and voilĂ , that tired glass vase is now a modern art piece.

Source: British Paints.

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