Tasmanian cat Jasper counts his nine lives after remarkable asphalt rescue

Jasper counts nine lives after remarkable asphalt rescue

A cat that managed to survive a rather sticky situation is continuing his fight for life, after getting stuck in some freshly laid bitumen.

Discovered by two Tasmanian workmen early Monday morning, it's believed Jasper sought out the warmth of the bitumen as temperatures plummeted on Sunday night.

However, the asphalt acted like quicksand and he soon found himself unable to get out.

Fortunately, Jaspers rescuers didn't hesitate to help, spending two hours massaging baby oil into his coat to help loosen the bitumen and set him free.

Just Cats founder Rachel Beech said when Jasper was brought to them there was still a lot of work to do, as he was covered in bitumen, dehydrated, hungry, scared and lethargic.

However, he was still one lucky cat.

"It's just one of those stories that could have been so much worse - a disaster," Ms Beech said.

"It was all dependant on the workmen who found him.

"You can just imagine what could have happened if he was left set there, but these guys worked for two hours to try and get him out."


Despite making a significant recovery, Jasper had to be rushed to the vet on Monday night after experiencing breathing difficulties.

"He had to be put on oxygen," Ms Beech explained.

"We're not sure if it's toxic fumes from the bitumen or if he's actually done some damage to his lungs."

Ms Beech said she was hoping to be able to pick Jasper up on Tuesday, with one of his rescuers now also considering adopting him.

"If we have found him a home by the end of all of this, that will be great," she said.

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