Lambie banned from Qantas flights for six months after tirade

Senator Jacqui Lambie apologises for homophobic rant

A homophobic rant at Qantas staff that resulted in Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie being banned from all Qantas services for six months has been blamed on "a long few weeks up in Parliament".

The Senator has a long-history for her inappropriate word-choices, and her latest barrage of negative-communications involved swearing and calling the Qantas chief executive "a poof".

She had reportedly already been banned from the Qantas Chairman's Lounge for bad behaviour.

When she was told that she could not access the lounge at the Melbourne Airport in March, she then verbally abused the staff.

Senator Lambie appeared on Nine's Today Show on Thursday morning and apologised for her antics.

"It had been a long few weeks up in Parliament. It's just been a really, really long year. Basically I just blew my stack and unfortunately there was a couple of Qantas staff members that wore that," Ms Lambie said.

"They should never have wore that and it was really unfair of me to do that to them. So once again, I'm extremely apologetic for my behaviour for that few minutes."

It is reported that Qantas and Ms Lambie negotiated her six month ban from its services.

Senator Lambie was contacted for comment.

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