Police news | Did you see the assault on young teenager?

Police news | Did you see the assault on young teenager?

ABOUT 5.40pm on Wednesday, July 29, a 14-year-old male witnessed an argument between two other young males on Oberon Street.

The young male continued walking past, but was followed and chased by one of the males involved in the argument.

The 14-year-old tried to run home, but was caught by the other male.

After a short conversation, the teenager was punched in the mouth, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on a brick wall.

He was able to continue home and police were called. He was taken to Oberon Hospital and treated for facial injuries.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the assault to contact them.

The male offender is described as about 170cm tall, with a solid build and dark hair and was wearing a bandanna over his face.


A PROPERTY owner from Gingkin was walking on her property on Friday, July 31 when her dog picked up a large flap of raw lamb.

The owner took the piece of meat from the dog and noticed that the meat appeared to have been injected with a blue substance.

Police would like property owners to be wary of any suspicious vehicles or people in the area that may be involved in baiting.