Drug drivers on road after music festival frustrate police

OBERON Police have indicated their disappointment with attendees at a music festival held at a property at Arkstone over the weekend.

Police say a high visibility operation was carried out by local police with the assistance of Chifley Highway Patrol in an effort to "encourage responsible behaviour and a heightened awareness regarding road safety".

Police say numerous drug seizures were made during traffic stops over the weekend and, on Sunday alone, 11 drivers were detected driving from the festival with illicit drugs in their system.

"Oberon Police were very disappointed to see that illegal drugs continue to be detected in drivers on the roads attending music festivals despite the warnings, education, diversion options and the presence of police," a spokesperson said.

Dog warning

POLICE would like to remind dog owners in the district to be aware of their dog's movements.

There has been a rise in the number of reports to police regarding livestock being attacked by dogs and, in some cases, animals have been killed or needed to be euthanised due to their injuries.

The attacks have occurred within the townships and on properties around the Oberon policing sector.

"It appears that many dog owners are not taking a responsible approach to ensuring their dogs can't escape when unsupervised and, as a result, some dogs have travelled large distances and attacked other animals," a police spokesperson said.

Oberon Police said that it's generally the case that some of the dogs end up being destroyed by the farmer who catches them in the act or by authorities due to the lack of responsibility displayed by the owners who didn't take the time to ensure the dog can't get out.

Oberon Police say the attacks will not be tolerated. Fines of up to $1100 or imprisonment for two years apply for the owner of a dog that attacks a person or animal and, in the case of a dangerous dog, the fines can be up to $77,000 or imprisonment for five years.

Owners of animals that are not wearing a collar with contact details can face a fine of up to $880. Dogs are required to be registered from six months of age.