Letter | Here are the details about our new association

A GROUP of residents met late 2019, electing office bearers and the committee for the Oberon Shire Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc (OSR and RA) to proceed with the application for incorporation with NSW Fair Trading. Confirmation of the successful registration was received January 7, 2020. The executive positions are Hardy Draheim president, Phillip Haynes vice president, Greg Evans secretary, Robyn Wiseman treasurer and Bill Snelling committee.

Membership is open to all residents in the Oberon LGA and it is free. Supporters can join via email to or by joining the soon to be announced new Facebook page for OSR and RA Inc., replacing the old OSR and RA forum page.

The purpose of the association is to contribute to the successful development of a strong, vibrant and healthy community in particular by:

(a) encouraging residents and ratepayers to be aware of and involved in issues affecting growth, prosperity, health and well-being of their community, and promoting community spirit and a sense of identity; (b) creating and fostering the development of a proactive and representative community network of residents and ratepayers, committed to responding to issues of community concern in a constructive and effective manner, in particular where such issues fall within the purview of local government; (c) concerning itself with the performance of local government, in particular with a view to ensuring that the best interests of residents and ratepayers are at the forefront of all decisions; that due process is observed in all activities/decisions/actions; that all activities/decisions/actions are undertaken in the most open and transparent manner possible; that best practice standards are pursued in the delivery of all local government services and that such services are delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible; and that local government energetically pursues a workplace culture where genuine individual accountability for activities/decisions/actions is the norm; (d) co-operating with local government and other public organisations in the furtherance of the association's purpose and benefits to the Oberon community; and (e) encouraging citizens of Oberon to stand for public office in local government.

Hardy Draheim, OSR and RA Inc president