Rural Notebook | We've been practising perseverance for a while

FIRST CUT: Showgirl Brooke Stanton and Clive Brabham cut the 60th anniversary cake at the Burraga Sheep Show.
FIRST CUT: Showgirl Brooke Stanton and Clive Brabham cut the 60th anniversary cake at the Burraga Sheep Show.

IN spite of yet another mongrel spring, auction sales of stud bulls and rams are proving quite satisfactory with some real highlights.

We all know how to stock conservatively, supplementary feed when we need to, find underground water and tighten our belts again.

Of course we should know how, as we've been doing it for half a lifetime.

A friend tells me that my lifetime, from 1941 to the present, has seen our wool industry range from the 1950 boom, through the comfort of a reserve price to the bubble bursting in 1989, the nonsense of the OJD debacle and the many drought years.

But this is Australia, our country, and our wool industry and the good times are sure to come again.

OFFICIAL DUTIES: Clive Brabham opens the Burraga Sheep Show. In the photo are Member for Calare Andrew Gee and show president Neil Francis.

OFFICIAL DUTIES: Clive Brabham opens the Burraga Sheep Show. In the photo are Member for Calare Andrew Gee and show president Neil Francis.

Burraga's day

MANY thanks to Neil Francis and Deb Bailey-Smith for the results and photos from the 60th Burraga Sheep Show.

Results are as follows:

  • Hi 5 Merino Ewe Competition: 1 and 2 Michael Stapleton, 3 Neil Francis.
  • Champion merino ewe: M Stapleton; champion merino ram, N Francis.
  • British Breeds champion ewe: 1 Cotties Run, 2 Greg Healey.
  • Merino fleece prizes went to Daniel Hines and Neil Francis, while British Breed awards went to Grey Healey and Cotties Run.

Shearing results:

  • Open: 1 Terry Byrnes, 2 Chris Francis, 3 Brian Press.
  • Intermediate: 1 N. Mullen, 2 R Parker and 3 D Golsby.
  • Learner: 1 J Booth, 2 Tara Booth, 3 Paris Creuch.
  • Woolhandler: Cody Francis.

Thirteen CSU students took part in junior sheep and wool judging and final results are not yet to hand.

A highlight of the day was the Miss Showgirl award going to Brooke Stanton.


Looking ahead

CENTRAL Tablelands Local Land Services will present a two-hour session, Seasonal Forecast; what lies ahead?, this Monday, September 16 from 5-7pm.

Speakers will be Bruce Watt, Brett Littler, Clare Edwards and Doug Alcock.

RSVP is mandatory by this Friday, September 13 to 6378 1700 or Venue will be disclosed when RSVP is received.

Not too late

FOR readers who are munching cornflakes, you still have plenty of time to check out the top quality young rams that will be auctioned at Bathurst Showground at 1pm today.

Derek and Toni Treanor and members of their family will offer Australian White, Poll Dorset and Border Leicester rams and the quality is always right up to the mark.

Details from Bowyer and Livermore agents on 6331 5166 or the Treanor family on 0414 871703.

Goodbye Bruce

THE passing of former farmer and grazier Bruce Hope has revived memories of a highly respected member of Bathurst's country community.

Like each of his brothers and sisters, Bruce was a pretty handy sportsperson, always pleasant and great fun if you were sharing a sports field with him.

His parents' family were raised on a lovely property at Mount David and their descendants are still active in our local community.

Numbers game

BATHURST councillors will make their mayoral decision next week and it seems that several outcomes are possible.

In one instance in my involvement in public affairs, several members tried to be really clever but ended with a person being elected who was not the person that was wanted.

Sometimes we may be much better suited by the devil that we know.

Wool report

THIS week's sales had mixed results. The market fell by around 30c/kg on the first day of trading and then regained all of the losses on the second day.

The Northern Market Indicator finished the week on 1408c/kg, up 3c/kg.

Whether these gains can be sustained will remain to be seen.

This could be the turning point we have been looking for where mills are now so short of wool they have to buy just to keep the machinery moving.

Next week there will be 35,215 bales on offer nationwide.

Mark Horsburgh, TWG Landmark

Diary dates

  • Saturday, September 14: Perthville Fair.
  • Wednesday, September 18: Tattykeel Poll Dorset Stud Sale.
  • Friday, September 20: Tattykeel Dorset Flock Rams.
  • Wednesday, September 25: Bella Lana Merino Rams at Dripstone.
  • Wednesday, September 25: Sixth Annual Tattykeel Aust. White Sale.

Laugh lines

HE was very self-important as he demanded that the airline stewardess put his two kilograms of frozen crabs in the fridge.

He questioned her several times in flight very loudly so that all could hear.

On landing at Mascot, the lady used her PA speaker: "Thank you for flying with us; the luggage carousel will be operating shortly. Would the gentleman who gave me the crabs in Cairns please meet me at the flight deck now."

She enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner that evening.


"DO you realise the outcomes of this court if you are not absolutely truthful?" the old judge asked George.

"Oh yes, your majesty," George quickly replied, "I'm told that I'll have a much better chance of winning."