Your guide to some of the best hotels in the Central and Far West

Sit back and relax: Click here to read the Country Pubs and Outback Yarns magazine.

Sit back and relax: Click here to read the Country Pubs and Outback Yarns magazine.

The towns and villages around the Western NSW are unique, with their own individual traditions, culture and personalities. When planning a trip to the Central and Far West, you realise just how important pubs are to their communities. They are often the social heart of a town and are heavily involved in the lives of the people that frequent them. This special publication has been put together to help you find your way around some of the best watering holes in the Central and Far West.

Country pubs sponsor many local sports, raise funds for charities and farmers doing it tough, and host endless birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, business functions and more. They are the place to be for entertainment, from karaoke and trivia nights to live music and comedy shows, there is always something on.

The best thing about a country pub are the locals. You can sit back and relax over a cold beer or local wine, meet amazing people and be told some of the funniest stories you're likely to hear, and some of them might actually be true!

When you head into a country pub you are supporting the whole community. From the publican's livelihood and the employment of bar staff to the sporting team whose raffle tickets you just bought, the chef's stunning meals and the farmer who supplied the food you're eating.

Click here to read our special online version of the Country Pubs and Outback Yarns magazine. So take your time when travelling around and treat yourself to some country pub hospitality, and remember before you leave to grab that souvenir stubby holder to remind you of the good times.

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