St Joseph’s School | Trivia questions, cakes and playground design

ST Joseph's School year one students completed an assessment task for their science unit “People and Places".

Students had to work as part of a group and design a playground together.  



YEAR six students wish to thank students, staff and families for their support of their cake stall.

The students raised $179, which is a wonderful effort.

Students are also very grateful for the community members who visited their stall and the very kind donation from Pick of the Bunch.  


THANK you to the school and Oberon community for a wonderful trivia night. It was an excellent evening filled with many laughs and spirited competition.

Congratulations to the winning team, The Hot-Hams.

Melisssa Hughes needs a special mention for the dedication and massive amount of work she did to ensure an amazing night that had great prizes and fantastic entertainment. Thank you to the St Joseph’s P and F. 

Thank you Jess Foley, Laura Hogan, Vanessa Lyon, Ashleigh Hotham and Sandie Thompson, who were on the event’s sub-committee.

Thank you to Alisa Hotham and Sharon Ryan for answering questions and ticket sales. Thank you to all staff who helped make the event what it was.