Letter | What a concert, what terrific music and what a crowd

RIGHT NOTE: The 66ERS played at the Oberon Golf Club.
RIGHT NOTE: The 66ERS played at the Oberon Golf Club.

MORE than 50 people gathered to listen to the wonderful music of the 60s at the Oberon Golf Club’s new performance venue on Sunday afternoon. From 3pm, the audience were immersed in music from the 60s, as well as a few well-known numbers from the 50s.

Before we knew it, 7.30pm had come around and people were clamouring for more from this extremely talented and cohesive band the ‘66ers’.  

Thank you to the amazing Chloe Roweth on mandolin and vocals, Jason Roweth on electric/acoustic guitar and vocals, the fantastically talented Rosie McDonald on acoustic guitar and vocals, the incredible Bill Brown on drums and percussion, the skilful Baz Cooper on accordion and Hammond organ and, last but by no means least, the very professional Matt Nightingale on electric and acoustic bass. What a combination!

Thank you to all those who came along and participated throughout the afternoon and evening. Memories came flooding back of times past as all present were transported back to the days of our youth.


The dancers added to the atmosphere and there was a sense of relaxation and peace as a very appreciative group of music lovers listened to the vocals and the talented instrumentalists who performed so many well-loved songs from the past which continue to bring so much pleasure and enjoyment. 

We had great support from the Oberon Golf Club, which made available the venue, stage building and facilities.

The audience was looked after very efficiently by the wonderful Danielle Colley, who ensured that no-one was thirsty for the whole four-and-a-half hours.

Thank you to our sponsors for the auction run by Brian Harman, who ensured that the prizes donated by Jenolan Caves and Mayfield Garden went to the highest bidder.

The lucky door and raffle prizes donated by Brian Beesley, Oberon Pharmacy, Arrows Newsagency, The Lolly Shop ($20), Barkers Butchery ($25 voucher), plus donations from Kathy Beesley and Rhondda Pearce, ensured lots of people had a chance to win – some people were very lucky, winning more than twice!

Long Arm Farm did a fabulous job promoting the event and selling tickets, as did Mary David and Ray White Oberon.

Members of Oberon Arts Council are to be applauded for their support before and on the day - a real team effort.

A very big thank you is also extended to those who helped quickly dismantle everything at the end of the evening.

Great teamwork saw this performance space quickly returned to the golf cart charging area with a minimum of fuss.

This was much appreciated by our events committee Mary David, Brian and Sandy Harman, Rhondda Pearce, Kathy Beesley and Tim Charge.

Thanks to all who helped with the food. And a special thank you to our newest supporter Shari Burke and to all who made this fantastic occasion such an outstanding success. The 66rs are keen to return.

Fran Charge, Oberon Arts Council president