Letter | It’s time to get on with fluoridation

WE could easily feel mystified about the direction of the debate about the fluoridation of Oberon’s water supply.

Many pathways have been constructed through this maze: the lack of understanding of the randomised sample in the phone survey; whether the fluoridation issue was really about freedom of choice of Oberon residents; very nasty name-calling of councillors; threats and intimidation of councillors prior to the next council elections; the state Health Department and Dental Association are apparently just bureaucracies impinging on citizens’ rights as opposed to being authoritative and credible sources of scientific information; even a spurious connection to council amalgamation.

I could go on.

No doubt many other pathways through the maze will be invented in an attempt to discredit council’s legitimate function in managing Oberon’s water supply, roads, garbage collection, tourism, etc.


The main issue, however, remains the same: it is public health. Let’s not lose sight of this important goal.

Councillors and residents have sifted through much evidence about the benefits to our - and especially children’s - dental health.

After reviewing the scientific evidence, a majority of councillors voted to support the fluoridation of the water supply because of the health benefits.

Remember that this is the important issue here. Let’s get on with it.

Susan Lacey