Letter | Councillors need to ask themselves some hard questions

Letter | Councillors need to ask themselves some hard questions

AT the Oberon fluoride council vote on July 17, Cr Mark Kellam indicated councillors’ concerns at being called “fascist” on Facebook and gosh, I agree that would feel awful.

So, in the interests of truth, let’s evaluate the situation, because when truth is spoken it is often hard to hear. At the same time, it is always liberating and helps us see more clearly. Let’s look at fascism.

Fascism, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, can be: “An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organisation.”

When Cr Kellam and other pro-fluoride councillors knowingly, with free choice, opted to put what I believe to be poison in their town’s public water supply, could they really expect people to respect them and “be nice”?

What they have done is serious.

The people of Oberon are intelligent, aware and they care about their community’s health - something councillors ought to be proud of, rather than mocking.

Councillors who voted for fluoride, please think seriously about what you’ve done, bearing in mind that the people of Oberon place enormous trust in you to make decisions that will bring them no harm.

Please look at yourself in the mirror and sincerely answer the following questions:

1) “Am I one hundred per cent certain no-one in my town of Oberon will be harmed by my decision to force them to drink fluoride in their water? Considering the evidence we’ve seen about fluoride’s toxicity, The Lancet article calling it a neurotoxin, that babies’ drinking formula may be overdosed (to name a few), can I really be certain of my decision?”

2) “Even if I was told not to believe the evidence I had in front of me, what if it was all true and it was on my watch that this substance made it into the water?”

3) “How do I feel going down in history as one of the councillors voting for putting fluoride in Oberon’s water? Was it really my proudest moment or could I have done better?”

If you’d rather be called democratic then it’s simple, act that way by voting in the interests of all public safety and the genuine wishes of the population, rather than using what I believe are fudged figures to justify the lobbying from government organisations.

Something needs to be pointed out. Those who, I believe, coerced you into voting for this substance do not care about you or your reputation. Sadly, I don’t think you realise that you are useful now but disposable later.

We repeatedly gave you solid evidence as to the dangers of fluoride and either you did not read it or you ignored it. This is something I find hard to believe because if 1) you had read it and 2) your aim was to genuinely protect the people of your town, you would at the very least have reasonable doubt and therefore voted no.

Please note: If a substance harms even one person when administered on a mass scale like this, then it cannot be deemed safe.

This is too big of an issue. Did you not realise that? We the people of Oberon only know how to stand up for truth; this is just the beginning.

Councillors of Oberon consider this: How about going down in history as the first councillors to reverse their decision because once it was done they realised the enormity of their error? That would be commendable.

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s only those with tremendous courage who can publicly admit it and rectify the wrong. 

Dr Andrew Harms, former president of the Australian Dental Association, was courageous enough to do that – you can do it too.