Letter | Mass medication, New Zealand has confirmed

THE Commonwealth Supreme Court ruling was handed down in New Zealand last week, on fluoride being “medication”.

Those wishing to medicate our community may have to think again as it's against the UN human rights law to mass medicate.

I would like to believe that this will put an end to the fluoride medication effort here in Oberon.

The link to the International American Dental Association for Dental Research 2011 – http://www.hcbi.nim.nih.gov.pmc.articles/PMC3144112/ - I have given to council at the last council meeting may also help with their decision.

The research paper is long and very informative as to fluoride and the implication of fluoride being in our bodies.

The research summary admits: 1. ‘a narrow/therapeutic/toxicity window and biphasic (meaning having two phases) actions further complicate their understanding of fluoride's effects’. 2. '… leading changes in gene expression, cell stress and cell death’.  3. And of further studies needing to be done, '….. identifying those at-risk human populations who are susceptible to the unwanted or potentially adverse effects of fluoride action’. There are other American government websites that show cell stress as well.

I cannot believe the National Health Medical Research Council and the Australian Dental Association don't already know of this research paper; maybe the dentists don't.

I believe I'm right to say they rely on overseas and have done for many years as very little research is done in Australia on fluoride.

Robyn Wiseman