Letter | Let’s examine community’s overall health

OBERON’S fluoride controversy could be solved by council offering to place the town on the map of landmark science.

This controversy around the world increases every year with more connections to a range of health issues Australian authorities will find hard to ignore.

Oberon Council could have a dental service in order to assist local parents with first-hand dental work and latest education without risking the dangers of fluoridated water, instead of a dental clinic that only operates once every fortnight.

NSW Health has introduced fluoride to 97 per cent of the state and intends to make their goal 100 per cent regardless of public opposition in every town, while privately funded universities and research bodies overseas find more problems.

If Oberon Council were to be far-sighted and support the majority of residents’ opinion, they could offer the town to be a control bio-marker town.

For example, a town that does not fluoridate, but instead becomes a town that gets the very best dental services to act as a comparator in order to measure the overall health, including oral health, against other towns in the region that do not fluoridate.

Health issues such as IQ loss, school performance, autism, depression, attention deficit disorder, general happiness (the list may be endless), including their teeth, could all become objects of research, with equal health services being applied to gain comparative accuracy.

This form of research would be a first in Australia. It would introduce fluoride comparative health studies and it would support both sides of the debate with the ability for all concerned to examine real outcomes.

As Australia has no ongoing health studies into fluoride and general health, it is a country that is relying upon other countries to provide poor and low quality studies, according to our own NHMRC in their latest "systematic reviews", statements, and technical papers.

Australians deserve better than that and here is a way of getting it.

Allan Jones