Bit of pressure for golfers as Championships begin

WELL DONE: Eric Whalan, A grade winner Darren Gordon and B grade winner John Crichton on Sunday.

WELL DONE: Eric Whalan, A grade winner Darren Gordon and B grade winner John Crichton on Sunday.

THE Championships are on. It is always interesting to watch our golfers under a bit of pressure. It’s not the same pressure as the US Masters, of course, but there is always the desire to score well in the Championships, especially in the first couple of rounds.

CONCENTRATION: Mick English putting out on the 18th.

CONCENTRATION: Mick English putting out on the 18th.

Playing for trophies donated by Peter Dale, Rob Hayden was quick to get off to a flying start. Rob had a great first round of 72 off the stick to lead A grade after the first round. He backed that up on Sunday with another solid round of 77 to hold his lead. Rob McGrath, with 78 and 76, is in second place, followed by Darren Gordon with 79 and 78.

In B grade, Anthony McGrath had a fine round of 82 to lead on Saturday. Brett Crichton had a slow start on Saturday but excelled on Sunday and is the B grade leader at the halfway mark with 86 and 81.

Harold Lyme had a good day on Saturday to lead C grade with 38 points.

The seeded groups for next Saturday will be A grade Rob Hayden, Rob McGrath, Darren Gordon and Kim Rawlings. B grade is Brett Crichton, Eric Whalan, Anthony McGrath and Terry Robinson.

In Saturday golf, Anthony McGrath (82/68) won A grade, taking the monthly medal on a countback from Rob Hayden (72/68). Harold Lyme (86/68) won B grade, taking the B grade monthly medal. The runner-up was Bruce Amery with a solid round of 94/72.

Nearest the pin on the first was Kevin McGrath, Rob McGrath took the seventh, Rob Hayden the ninth and Peter D'Arcy, with an excellent shot, was just 53cm from the cup.

Neil Whalan putted like a champion to win A grade putting with 27 putts. Steve Serong won the B grade putting with 30 putts.

Balls went to Darren Gordon, Eric Whalan, Dennis O'Connell, Doug Collins, Kevin McGrath, Kim Rawlings and Rob Hayden.

On Sunday, the second round of the Championships, playing for trophies donated by Eric Whalan, the A grade winner was Darren Gordon (78/69) and runner-up was Brett Crichton (81/70). B grade winner was John Crichton (92/67) and runner-up was Linore Zamparini (87/71).

Nearest the pin on the first was John Crichton (72cm), Lloyd Roots took the seventh at 81cm and Mick Coyte the 17th at 6.3 metres.

Thursday afternoon golf was well-supported. Sean Mooney had an excellent 12 holes and was a clear winner with 33 points. Balls went to Lloyd Roots, Doug Collins, Peter Dale, Brian Balaam and Peter Griffiths.

Rule change: rules have been relaxed in penalty areas (formerly water hazard). There is now no penalty for moving a loose impediment or touching the ground or water in a penalty area.

The Championships will continue on Saturday and Sunday.