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Innovations in health and safety

Innovations in health and safety

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Health and safety, whether it be your own or someone else's, is paramount in all our lives. From safety at work to ensure you are as healthy as can be in your personal life, we should all strive to live better and be safer.

Thankfully there are incredible innovations across the health and safety sector that make this task that much easier. Challenging the status quo is a part of the ethos of so many companies in the sector, it's no wonder we've seen some incredible changes so far. Read on to learn about some of the sector's best innovations.

On-demand equipment

Health and safety in the workplace are all about two things, process and equipment. Recent innovations in process management, such as Lean or Agile have made processes much more streamlined, it was time the equipment caught up.

Ordering new personal protective equipment or PPE can be time-consuming and result in staff doing things without the proper protection. One innovation putting this risk to bed is the PPE safety vending machines. The PPE vending machine is just like your favourite food vending machine, it allows you to access protective equipment on demand when you need it.

These machines are incredible assets on construction sites or warehousing facilities and even in hospitals. They give staff to access and the means to protect themselves 24/7.

Drone delivery

Access to healthcare can be a genuine challenge for anyone who lives remotely or even rurally. The turnaround times for medication can be scary and result in poor health outcomes.

Innovations in drone technology are helping to solve that challenge by bringing greater access to those in remote areas. This drone innovation has even been used to transport blood and tissue in countries overseas.

Using drones means avoiding traffic and other vehicular issues that can arise. It also means traversing terrains or areas that were otherwise impossible, is now possible again.

Handheld imaging

Ultrasound equipment is often quite bulky, expensive and usually only located in a medical facility such as a hospital. This means access is limited to those who may have imaging required for their diagnosis or even treatment.

Butterfly IQ is a fantastic innovation that is not only solving the size issue of the equipment, but it's also improving access one patient at a time.

The Butterfly IQ is a handheld ultrasound device that won't necessarily replace its larger counterpart, instead, it will improve the frequency of scanning and the health outcomes of those it scans. This innovation not only allows greater access but also encourages others to address old problems with a new lens.

Vitamins delivered

As a start-up in the health sector, it can be hard to truly disrupt and innovate, not for Kin. Kin is an at-home delivery service that delivers vitamins to your door.

Specialising in female fertility multivitamins, this innovative company offers fast and free delivery helping to avoid those forgotten scripts or medications not being taken.

Bringing critical vitamins and supplements to a patients door in a challenging time can be life-altering for those who need a little care. This innovation also means you won't have to worry about making the most of your plans to start a family. All you need to do is order and wait for the package to deliver to your door.


Innovations in health and safety have changed the way so many sectors operate and will continue to operate into the future.

From vending machines with safety equipment to pocket-sized ultrasound machines, the health and safety industry is rapidly changing for the better and promises even more amazing innovations in the future.