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How to perfect your horse race betting

How to perfect your horse race betting

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Horse race betting is an exciting activity that gets better the more experienced you become.

Exploring new tracks, evaluating horses and jockeys, and creating strategies will keep you on your toes, hoping that the horse you bet on will win the race.

While you will learn more about the process with experience, you can follow a few guidelines to perfect your horse betting game.

This blog will provide a mini-guide to explain how you can improve your overall betting strategy for horse racing.

How to perfect your horse race betting

I take the following steps to improve my winnings and keep the betting process fun and lucrative.

Review the odds for daily races

Firstly, keep an eye on the races happening daily and look for the ones with the best odds. It's a rookie mistake to assume all horse races will be a close call. There will always be races in which the best two horses rate well above the rest in numbers.

Such races are easy to win on because the chances of losing the bet are nearly none. If you want to minimise risk further, you can opt for the 'Place' bet rather than 'Win' to increase your chances of going home with a prize.

Choose a few winning horses to bet on

Select a few regular winning horses and track their races. You can choose this strategy to have at least one bet every month. Horses should ideally take 30-60 days of rest between each race, so selecting a few will ensure you'll have some variety in your bets.

Review the jockey's skills

Yes, the horse's performance is a primary indicator, but don't underestimate the jockey's skill. A jockey acts like a guide for the horse and controls the situation to get the best possible performance out of the ride.

Always look at which jockeys are handling the top horses in the race and place your bet on the horse with the more skilled jockey.

Experiment a little

Betting on the same races, tracks, horses, etc., will get boring after some time. Experiment a little and explore various options to diversify your winning portfolio.

It will make the activity fun and increase your chances of winning your bets.

Research the race you select before betting

There is no such thing as too much research when indulging in horse race betting. When planning to place bets, look up statistics, winning streaks, race track information, etc.

You can also get free daily horse racing tips from Neds to improve your chances of winning.

Look at the numbers

Leave all your biases and emotions out the door when betting on horse races. Only look at the numbers and results because loyalty won't magically push the horse towards the finish line.

Wrapping up

In short, your horse race betting can get more exciting if you explore different types of races, conduct research, and carefully choose your horse and jockey. I hope you found these recommendations helpful. You can also review the other blogs for more betting tips.

Gamble responsibly. Contact the Gambling Helpline for free and confidential support, information and counselling on 1800 858 858 or visit www.gamblinghelponline.org.au.