Gardener Nancy Brown becomes a life member of Oberon Garden Club

LIFE MEMBER: Oberon Garden Club's Nancy Brown received life membership. Picture: SUPPLIED
LIFE MEMBER: Oberon Garden Club's Nancy Brown received life membership. Picture: SUPPLIED

Oberon Garden Club's Nancy Brown was voted for life membership of the club at a recent AGM, in acknowledgement of her contributions over many years.

Ms Brown is the retiring publicity officer, having served years on the executive. She joined the club in the 1990s, after many years teaching at Oberon High School.

Her garden is her delight with its mature trees and shrubs, understorey plants, perennials and bulbs are testament to long years of gardening skill, knowledge and effort.

Other club members share her pleasure in it throughout all seasons of the year, when there is always something of interest to enjoy.

In the depths of winter, her hellebores are a magnificent sight. At present the trees are back in full leaf, and beautiful irises, azaleas, rhododendrums, kolkwitzia, lupins, acquilegia, roses, valerian - to name a few, and create a wonderful show in all directions from her front patio and back deck.

There's hardly room for weeds.

She is the inaugural winner of the Shiny Trowel Trophy for Oberon Gardener of the Year, and has held it since inception.

These days Ms Brown enjoys some help in her garden, but she is still very actively involved in decision making.

Watching her automatically pull errant weeds and deadhead spent flowers as she moves among her plants, any visitor can tell she's a natural gardener.

She joins other local life members Denise Brien, Ros Brown, Bev O'Brien and Rosalie Pollock who are all still active in the club, generous with their knowledge and with cuttings, bulbs and seeds for other gardeners.

At the AGM, the executive committee was finally announced, which had been delayed from August 2020, due to COVID related delays.

The new committee now consists of president Julie Huie, vice president Rosalie Pollock, secretary Donna Shiel, minute sec Jackie Brazier, treasurer Ewen Stewart, assistant treasurer and new member liaison Heather Scott, catering officer Jan Hazelwood and publicity officer Lexi Kellam.