What Oberon residents need to know about voting for upcoming Council elections

READY: Pre-voting for Oberon Council elections is open now. Picture: ALANNA TOMAZIN
READY: Pre-voting for Oberon Council elections is open now. Picture: ALANNA TOMAZIN

Pre-voting for the Oberon Council elections is open now at Oberon Showground Hall on Ross Street, until December 3.

Residents can pre-vote between 9am-5pm, Monday to Saturday with the official election day happening on Saturday, December 4 where polls will open at 8am and close at 6pm.

Everyone is eligible to vote early in person for the upcoming elections.

Postal voting is also now open and residents who wish to vote via the post will be required to send an application in by November 29, 5pm. Completed ballot forms are due Friday, December 17, 6pm.

Pre-poll, iVote online and operator-assisted telephone voting will open on Monday, November 22 with voting closing December 4 at 6pm.

New laws enacted on November 1 are aimed at ensuring the residents of NSW can exercise their right to vote in a COVID safe manner and to prevent election day from turning into a super spreader event.

It is compulsory to vote in the NSW Local Government elections, so here's a rundown on the new measures and what to expect at the polling booth.


You can vote in person on election day however polling places will look a little different with voters being asked to bring their own pen and to stay home if feeling unwell on election day.

QR code check-in and check-out will be in place, as will the wearing of facemasks.

NSW Electoral Commission staff will also be wearing facemasks and be fully vaccinated. Physical distancing will be enforced.

Those handing out how-to-vote cards are also being kept at an arm's distance. Candidates and volunteers cannot hand out electoral material in or on a polling place or pre-polling office within 100 metres of a polling place or pre-polling office.

There will be restrictions on the number and proximity of scrutineers during this year's count.

Voting in the NSW Local Government elections is compulsory regardless if your council operates as a ward system or undivided.

Penalties can apply starting at $55, the penalty can increase to $65 if referred to Revenue NSW or if heard in court it may impose a penalty of $110 plus court costs