Watch the best videos from around Australia for October 10, 2021

VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Snakes here and there and the first COVID-19 treatment pill arrives in Australia.
VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Snakes here and there and the first COVID-19 treatment pill arrives in Australia.

Oh, and that strange moment when protesters 1200km away in New York started chanting to 'save Australia' from what, we're not too sure.

It's been another big, wide and weird week in the world.

But there is some good news this week, at least for parts of the country, which will be seeing more freedoms very soon.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has redrawn the re-opening roadmap as cases in that state continue to trend down.

Looking nationally, there's also some hope that a new treatment will soon be available to keep seriously ill COVID-19 patients out of hospitals.

And in the midst of all that news, there was a toddler and a snake and we're kind of obsessed with it.

A tale of a toddler and reptile

Banjo is the two-year-old son of National Geographic snake wrangler Matt Wright, and well, we can see the resemblance.

The toddler was filmed handling a three-metre olive python without any worries at all.

Standing barefoot on the lawn, the little one mostly handled the massive snake's tail, but he did fearlessly venture close to the snake's head a couple of times.

Thankfully, his expert father was supervising the interaction, and the species of snake is known to be non-venmous.

Even still, we're both impressed and terrified.


Snake in the dishes

Look, we're not sure how to break this to you but spring means snakes. It's a truism that's known all too well by Keith Williams (AKA @Captainturtle on Twitter).

The Ballina Shire councillor, in northern NSW, happened on a carpet python that had made a cozy spot for itself amongst his kitchen dishes.

Fortunately, Mr Williams spotted the snake before it came to clearing the lower rung, but he admits he'd put his hand very near to the resting snake unknowingly as he unpacked the dishes above it.

Left to its own devices Mr Williams thought the snake had successfully made its on exit out the window. Until it reappeared on the floor a couple of hours later.

It's not the first time Mr Williams has come face-to-face with the slithering species. As the weather warms up, they've become a common guest around his home.

If only he could get a bit of holiday rent from them.


Miracle pill

Australia has entered negotiations with American pharmaceutical company Merck to secure 300,000 doses of the molnupiravir drug.

It's very good news because the pill is the first oral treatment for COVID-19. In recent clinical trials it showed promising signs in halving the hospitalisation and death risk.

Once the Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved its use, it's hoped it will help to keep seriously ill COVID patients out of hospital.

Experts are saying it's a big breakthrough in the fight against the respiratory disease and will help us all enter a world we're we can live with COVID more effectively. You've got to be happy about that.


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