Oberon police's advice to business owners regarding customer mask problems

Police reassure business owners regarding customer mask problems

OBERON mayor Kathy Sajowitz says that as far as she is aware, there weren't any problems with people travelling from COVID lockdown areas to see the snow last weekend.

Police have also made it clear that they will be enforcing the rules regarding masks and signing-in in Oberon.

"There were a few visitors from the regions [who are not restricted], but all in all, it was pretty quiet with everyone doing the right thing," Cr Sajowitz said of last weekend.

"Oberon residents are absolutely on board with following health orders, with most wearing masks and signing in when entering shops, offices and workplaces.

"The police have been very visible in the community checking number plates, turning any visitors around that should not be here and helping to spread the stay safe message. I thank them for that.

"Let's all continue to be vigilant, responsible and COVID aware."

Oberon police say they are very happy with the level of responsibility and co-operation displayed by the communities within the Oberon local government area and are very grateful that the vast majority of people are taking the situation seriously.

A police spokesperson said there is, however, a small minority who think they do not need to comply with the requirements in the Public Health Orders and refuse to wear a face covering and/or to sign in at different locations.

"We would like to advise those people that they will be located and spoken to and requested to provide a valid reason or exemption for not complying and if that documentation is not provided, those individuals will be issued with infringement notices," the spokesperson said.

"There have been instances in the Greater Sydney Area where individuals have attempted to provide false documentation regarding exemptions and if that behaviour is to be carried out in the Oberon area, police will have no hesitation in taking further action regarding the fraudulent documents."

Police advise business owners that the onus is on the individual person/customer who may enter their premises to comply with the requirements.

The business owner will not be fined if someone is in their shop and refuses to wear a mask.

"The business owner is quite within their rights to refuse entry to that person and police should be contacted," the spokesperson said.

"There have been instances reported to police where individuals are making threatening comments to business owners if they request them to sign in and wear a face covering.

"Those people have also threatened to take legal action against the business owners which has been quite intimidating for the business owners.

"Police will not tolerate this behaviour and business owners and community members who become aware of these incidents are encouraged to contact police."