Police report no problems with visitors on a snowy Saturday

WHITE ON: Saturday's snowfall wasn't as big as expected.
WHITE ON: Saturday's snowfall wasn't as big as expected.

A ROAD in the district was closed and police questioned several visitors when a cold blast hit Oberon and surrounding areas on Saturday morning, leading to snow falling most of the day.

The snow dump wasn't as big as expected, but temperatures certainly plummeted.

Temperatures on Saturday ranged from -1.6 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 6.2 and Sunday was not much better, ranging from -2.0 to 8.6.

July's total rainfall as of Monday was 52.6 millimetres. July's mean rainfall for Oberon is 69.9mm, mean minimum temperature is -0.3 and mean maximum is 8.8.

Oberon Council advised the Shooters Hill Road was closed on Saturday due to snow melting and creek waters rising.

The road reopened on Sunday morning.

More snow was recorded on Wednesday morning, with the temperature dropping to -2, and on Thursday it will drop to a chilly -4.

More cold wet weather is likely this weekend, with snow expected to fall on Saturday and Sunday.

Local police were actively patrolling last weekend due to the snow and icy conditions and they were pleased to say that there were no problems regarding people travelling from the Greater Sydney area.

A police spokesperson said there were several visitors spoken to who were from other regional areas and were entitled to visit.

"Police were alerted by concerned local people on several occasions who provided information regarding visitors and vehicles," the police spokesperson said.

"All these were checked out with no concerns.

"Police continue to encourage the local people to be aware of anyone who may not be from the area and are more than happy to check the bona fides of those people to continue to try to protect our local communities."