The Informer: Screws turn on Sydney's lockdown as states go head-to-head

When COVID-19 and footy collides

We know the PM is a rugby league fan. And tonight is the third match in the 2021 State of Origin series.

One of the promo lines you may have heard bellowed by the boofy bloke who invariably shouts rugby league ads at you is that it's "state against state, mate against mate".

Well, who knew a prime ministerial announcement about a COVID-19 support package and State of Origin could have just one degree of separation? Well, is it even one degree because it's definitely state against state ... and the PM is the common denominator?

Anyway, the economic lifeline Mr Morrison announced yesterday has angered Victorians who believe the same rescue deal should have been forthcoming when outbreaks locked down the southern state. But the PM - and his Victorian treasurer - remain steadfast.

"When Victoria needed the Commonwealth, we were there. And when NSW needed the Commonwealth, we are here again. And we'll continue to be there."

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who is from Victoria, described the state government as petulant and childish.

Sydneysiders had other things to worry about as Premier Gladys Berejiklian extended lockdown - again.

School students will stick with home learning and all the "usual" restrictions will now apply until July 30.

The current outbreak stands at 864 locally acquired cases reported since June 16. There are currently 71 cases admitted to hospital, with 20 people in intensive care, four of whom need ventilation.

And if it all wasn't quite so desperate you'd allow yourself a wry smile at the knock-on effects of one removalist truck. But it's not the slightest bit amusing.

The bid to track down anyone vaguely associated with the infected removalists from south-western Sydney now crosses three states and one territory.

It's believed the removalists stopped for rest and fuel after crossing into SA from Victoria early on Friday, July 9, and about 90 people are now in isolation in South Australia. They are considered close or casual contacts to the removalists, who relocated a family from Sydney to McLaren Vale.

Victoria, too, is impacted by the movers who stopped by a Melbourne apartment block on July 8.

Four residents of the Ariele Apartments have tested positive including a man in his 60s and his elderly parents. That man watched Carlton play Geelong at the MCG on July 12 - prompting yet another full-scale call-out for footy fans to get tested.

And as if that's not bad enough, even more exposure sites are set to be revealed, authorities say.

But for the sake of today, let's just agree the degrees of separation between COVID-19 and football (of whatever code) seem to be ever-decreasing.

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