FOOLs plan two-day book clearance as they prepare to make a move

FOOLs plan two-day book clearance as they prepare to make a move

WITH the exciting prospect of the new Community Hub project due to commence very soon, the Friends of the Oberon Library (FOOLs) need to look seriously at their stock of recycled books housed in the storage container on the precinct site.

The container is due to be moved as one of the first actions of the new build.

FOOLs have decided to reduce all resources including books, DVDs, CDs and jigsaw puzzles to just 50 cents each. This is a real bargain that everyone can take advantage of.

A giant two-day book sale is scheduled for Friday, June 4 to Saturday, June 5, 9am to 4pm both days.

Everyone welcome, come along and grab a bargain. What could be better that curling up on a winter's day with a good book or a great DVD. There will also many items that will be donated free to a good home.

After the sale the Friends will be looking hard at the recycled items left unsold and will keep a small core stock for when we are back after the construction of The Hub and dispose of the rest as best we can to other organisations who recycle these resources.

Enjoy your retirement

FOOLs members would like to wish our wonderful librarian Astrid on a very enjoyable well deserved retirement.

Thank you Astrid for the positive contribution you have made to our library over the years.

It has been a pleasure for us to work with you.