Triple water spout action off Old Bar beach on the Mid North Coast on May 4

WATER spouts off the coast at Old Bar, near Taree on NSW's North Coast, were matched by a brief but intense storm with hail, as the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) predicts a cold snap and widespread rain for the remainder of the week across the east coast of NSW.

The weather event was short and sharp this afternoon (May 4) with Jason Fitzgerald of Port Macquarie capturing some of the triple water spout action off Old Bar beach.

At one point, five water spouts had formed and were seen offshore as far north as Harrington.

Jason said a hail storm hit shortly after he headed north along the highway and home to Port Macquarie.

According to the BoM's Storm Spotter's handbook, water spouts are occasionally seen near the coast in the late summer and autumn.

"Cool, unstable air masses passing over the warmer waters allow vigorous updraughts to form, which can tighten up into a spinning column.

"The cool, moist air usually supports a full condensation funnel.

"Waterspouts can be dangerous for boaters and shoreline locations but are no threat farther inland since they collapse soon after they move onshore."

The BoM has forecast consistent falls as rain moves in from western NSW this week, before developing into a low pressure system off the south coast on Wednesday.

Some thunderstorms are possible across the state, but the south coast will bear the brunt of any adverse weather when the low develops.

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