Oberon police: $1060 in fines after staffy found running free in park

Owner hit with $1060 in fines for staffy on the loose in park

A DOG owner has been issued fines worth $1060 after an American Staffordshire terrier was found running loose near Herb David Park on Carrington Avenue.

Police patrolling the area were approached by a concerned mother of two who said her two young children had been playing the park when the dog entered the park by jumping a fence.

The mother and her children quickly fled the park.

Police scanned the dog and found it to be unregistered, however, the owner was located shortly after.

The owner was issued with infringement notices totalling $1060 for failing to comply with several requirements relating to the ownership and care of the dog and failing to prevent it from entering the park.

Truck over her leg

A 53-YEAR-OLD woman was taken to hospital suffering leg injuries following a workplace accident last week.

The female rubbish truck driver was at a property on Lowes Mount Road and was outside the truck preparing to empty the bins with a hydraulic lifting arm when she was knocked down as the truck rolled forward.

Initial information to police suggested the driver was caught under the hydraulic lift and also run over by the rear wheels of the truck, causing very serious leg injuries.

The driver was treated and stabilised at the scene before being taken to Orange Base Hospital and onto Westmead Hospital where she is a serious but stable condition.

Firearms Inspections

OBERON police have been carrying out firearms inspections of all licensed firearms holders in the district for some months as part of a state-wide operation and are pleased to say the vast majority of firearms holders are complying with requirements and regulations.

All firearms will be checked individually and serial numbers confirmed by police and firearms safes will also be inspected.

Firearms must be stored securely at all times when not being used and ammunition must be stored separately.

Safes must be constructed of material thick enough to resist forced entry, have a multi-point locking system and be secured to the floor and/or the wall to be deemed acceptable.

Owners with unsatisfactory safes will be required to replace the safe with an acceptable safe or face having their firearms seized. If safes don't comply and firearms are stolen, the licence holder can be criminally charged and if convicted will not be able to apply for a firearms licence for 10 years.

Quite a number of licence holders surrendered firearms during these inspections and police encourage more to do the same if the firearms are not serviceable or not required.