Car somersaults into Wollongong unit block in shocking high-speed crash

A man has been freed from an upside-down Corolla that came to rest against a second-storey unit, following a spectacular high-speed crash in suburban Wollongong.

Witnesses have told the Illawarra Mercury the silver Toyota Corolla was travelling at speed in the moments before it hit a parked car on about 1.10pm Tuesday.

Kyle Smith said the Corolla hit the parked car and both vehicles somersaulted before coming to rest on top of one another.

The Corolla driver remained trapped for about 40 minutes. Fire crews used hydraulic and skylight equipment to reach the man.

He was conscious as he was extracted and taken into an ambulance about 1.50pm. The parked car was unoccupied.

"It was pretty confronting," Mr Smith said.

"The car flipped up into the apartment complex.

"I called Triple-0. A bunch of people were trying to get underneath the car to see if they could get him [the driver] out.

"One guy was able to open one of the back passenger doors, just to see if he was alright. He said he was semi-conscious at least.

"Luckily no one was in the [parked] car or they'd be dead for sure."


A resident, John, said he heard the crash.

"I live in the next street and I heard the car and I heard the car zooming down this road, going as fast as - then I heard 'Bang, bang', and it must have been him hitting the car then coming up against the unit block," he said.

"It's a mangled mess."

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