Letter | Look, up in the sky ... Strange lights over Oberon

Letter | Look, up in the sky ... Strange lights over Oberon

COMING to work on January 21 at 4.15am, I observed a phenomenon that I certainly cannot explain.

I'm only recording it because someone else may have seen the same thing.

At the top of the hill on Bailey's Lane, some 500 to 600 metres from the crossing I noticed a bright elongated light in the night sky.

It was so noticeable that I thought it was a reflection from inside the cabin of my vehicle.

That wasn't the case. I stopped the vehicle and got out.

The light was clearly visible, it was travelling in a north, north, east direction and I estimate the light at 10,000 to 30,000 feet, similar to a commercial flight which are regularly seen.

The light or lights appeared to possibly be six to eight single craft flying in close single file as I could observe a break in the light pattern.

However, if it was a single craft it would have been several hundred metres long.

Over the years I have observed many commercial flights, satellites etc but I have never seen anything remotely like this.

At the risk of being ridiculed etc, I want to record the incident as someone else may have made a similar observation as the flight path would have taken the craft or crafts over populated areas of the Blue Mountains.

However, there was scattered easterly cloud which could have made observation difficult.

Roger Arrow