Oberon's Winter Botanica cancelled due to COVID-19 issues

Oberon's Winter Botanica cancelled due to COVID-19 issues



Oberon's Winter Botanica, which had been rescheduled the end of June 2021, has been cancelled.

The Botanica festival was an idea generated in the Oberon Garden Club, but quickly grew to incorporate the involvement of many other community members and was supported by Oberon Council.

Too much uncertainly surrounding COVID-19 has meant that rescheduling to another winter date was not a viable optiong.

The Botanica activities that were planned would have required the organising committee to start spending funds by the end of January for a June 2021 festival.

The early decision to cancel means that no funds have been spent. Discussion will be started with donors about either returning funds or putting them to an agreed use.


The Adult Survivors of Child Abuse - Cowra Support Group meets on the first Friday of each month at 12:30pm.

During COVID, meeting restrictions apply: your full name and contact details will need to be known to the facilitator who will only provide them to the appropriate authority incase traceability from a COVID-19 case is required.

We hence preserve our confidentiality agreement unless the health of the community is at stake.

For all attendees, please confirm your attendance by Thursday evening by contacting Pascale on 0458 698 460.

All details via samephone number or online at: recover.itmatters.com.au.


Local musical theatre buffs George Sargent and Jack Daintith have recently launched a brand new podcast as a means to fill the void of a lack of live stage shows due to COVID-19.

The new podcast, Behind the Curtain, will feature local, national and international guests who have been a part of either amateur or professional musical theatre productions.

Sargent, who has received plenty of praise for his main podcast, The Convo, said the new program has been a passion project of his and Jack's to celebrate a shared love of musical theatre.

"Jack and I have been heavily involved in past musicals across the Central West and once COVID hit, we wanted to produce a podcast to shed some light on the importance of the live entertainment industry," he said.

"We've aired four episodes already, and it's been rather intriguing to hear how all these performers have navigated their careers."

The first season of the podcast will consist of 20 episodes, and will include the likes of Barry Conrad, Stefanie Jones and Tony Sheldon, as well as home-grown talents Jarrod Draper, Nic Collins and Ainsley Melham.

For more information, visit the podcast's Facebook or Instagram page.