The Tarana Hotel showcases rich history and loved natives on 'The Local'

The work they have done is just amazing and I'm so impressed by the quality of it...

Tarana Hotel owner Karen Moyes

THERE'S a good reason videos of the Oberon district's famous Tarana Hotel have been circulating on social media pages and that's because the pub was recently showcased in "The Local".

The passion project is a local country pub-led regional tourism recovery campaign and is the baby of past locals and television producers Tim Allan and Matt Jeffrey.

Their first episodes are all about the Tarana Pub - home of the Tarana Tiger Burger, tall tales of tiger sightings and home to one of the most picturesque railway stations in the state.

Mr Allan said this project was his silver lining of COVID-19.

"I lost my job, but got to make something I've always wanted to and the timing couldn't be better. We're looking into our own backyards for a holiday," he said.

He said The Local was about uncovering the grassroots stories of people and communities throughout regional and rural NSW one local pub at a time.

"We all need a break and we've got the whole of big, beautiful NSW to explore - within the relevant COVID safe guidelines, of course," he said.

Mr Jeffrey said the stories they had uncovered so far were produced on multiple platforms and have captivated audiences.

"Our passion is to share the stories of country people who know how to live with joy, humour and resilience in some of the most beautiful parts of the country," he said.

In less than 24 hours, the trailer for the Tarana Pub series had been viewed more than 20,000 times.

Tarana Hotel owner Karen Moyes said she was impressed with the output and response from the campaign so far.

"I made sure our locals who are good on the history were there to talk to Tim and he just did his thing," she said.

"It's fantastic what they did.

"They did a whole day of filming and now are releasing footage on social media and the response has been incredible.

"The work they have done is just amazing and I'm so impressed by the quality of it.

"Tim's really grasped the history of our area and the importance of our locals."

She said Mr Allan was easy to work with and made the day "really fun".

"He's really a great personality and loves what he's doing.

"He clearly has a love for country pubs," Ms Moyes said.