Police news | A man, a handgun and a target in state forest

Police news | A man, a handgun and a target in state forest

ON Sunday, August 30, around 1.30pm, police heard a series of gunshots coming from Essington State Forest, just off Mayfield Road.

Horses in a neighbouring property were startled by the gunfire and were in a panic, dangerously close to going through fences.

Police attended and found a male with a revolver.


The man was in the process of reloading the revolver and had an adult female and eight-year-old child standing beside him.

When police asked what the man was doing in the forest with a handgun, he said he was target shooting and had a target set up nearby.

He had another pistol and a rifle in his possession along with a large amount of ammunition.

The man was breaching the conditions of his firearms licence by having a handgun in the forest as well as target shooting.

Police seized the firearms and ammunition and suspended the man's firearms licence.

He was charged with firearms offences as well as breaching a condition of his hunting licence.

Police will not tolerate the unsafe use of firearms and will ensure anyone caught committing offences will be charged and put before the court.

Dogs on the loose

ON Tuesday, September 1, police were advised that four cattle dogs had escaped from a property in Dillon Street and were harassing neighbours.

Witnesses told council staff the dogs ran at numerous neighbours in the vicinity, including children, and there was a claim that one of the dogs bit a male on the leg before being chased away.

The owner of the dogs eventually retrieved the dogs.

Police and Oberon Council staff are investigating and are requesting that any other witnesses come forward and provide information.

Once the information is obtained, charges and/or infringement notices will be issued.

Police are requesting that dog owners show some responsibility and ensure they know where their dogs are and that they are safely contained in their property.

The fine for a dog that attacks a person or another animal is $1320 per dog along with a further $220 per dog for the owner failing to ensure the dog does not escape from their property.

Car was bogged

LAST Sunday, September 6, police received a call from a property owner at Jaunter advising that two occupants of a vehicle, that was stranded in a creek, had arrived at his property and were seeking assistance to call for help.

The condition of the other occupants of the vehicle was unknown and the information was that the vehicle was submerged in the creek.

Police attended and located the two male occupants at the property before continuing down the Boucher Fire Trail, where they located the vehicle.

The other two occupants of the vehicle were safe and the vehicle was bogged but not submerged.

Police attempted to recover the vehicle, but, with limited equipment, were unable to do so.

Police transported the occupants of the vehicle to Oberon to obtain accommodation for the night and organised food for them.

Staff from Oberon Motors were contacted and they attended the location, where they were able to retrieve the vehicle from the creek.

The occupants were reunited with their vehicle the next morning and were extremely grateful to Michael and his staff at Oberon Motors who assisted them.