A matter of trust: Council will apply to run showground

Oberon Showground.
Oberon Showground.

A RECOMMENDATION was carried at Oberon Council's meeting on Tuesday for council to nominate itself as the trust manager for the Oberon Showground.

The crown land manager agreement for the Oberon Showground has expired and the Department of Crown Lands has advertised for a new trust management group to take over control for a five-year term.


The Department of Crown Lands made inquiries as to whether council would be interested in applying.

If successful in its application to Crown Lands, council would expect:

  • The current voluntary work undertaken by individuals and community groups to continue;
  • At a minimum, the current user fees and charges would apply and all users would be expected to pay an appropriate fee as determined by council;
  • Council would separately identify for each financial year the in-kind contributions and money expended on the showground; and
  • A section 355 committee would be appointed to manage the showground. Council would chair this committee, determine the terms of reference for this committee and determine its composition. Council, in determining the composition of the committee, will include appropriate and broad community representation.

Cr Don Capel said the Oberon Showground is a fantastic facility which is under-utilised and other opportunities might arise.

"It's in the middle of town, close to the Visitor Information Centre and we can co-ordinate events that go on there," he said.

"We can't force people to be on the committee, but if all users join the committee, it will run more smoothly.

"It's a great opportunity for council."