Letter | Let's end the personal attacks and try to be more reasonable

Letter | Let's end the personal attacks and try to be more reasonable

I HAVE always been a strong supporter of the principle that in order to have the right to hold a personal opinion, it is critical to accept the right of others to hold a view to the contrary.

In addition, it has also been my belief that this has formed part of the Oberon community social fabric along with being guided by another principle of trying to think like a reasonable person when dealing with others.

Of course, we are only human and no matter how hard we try, on many occasions we fail to meet these guidelines, however they still make us aware and cause us to reflect and try to do better next time.

Unfortunately, these and some other principles in recent years appear to be showing signs of erosion, with people raising issues and concerns which are supported by facts being personally attacked for daring to do so.

It was pleasing to note the letter in last week's Oberon Review from Jimmy Soulios suggesting that there has to be a better way for sections of the community to express their opinion without personally attacking others in the process.

Although I wish him every success, based on past experience it is more likely he will receive a critical response in following editions of the Review, or other social media.

It will certainly not give recognition to Jimmy Soulios being a good man (as was his father), with a very high level of intelligence and success in his life and highly capable of forming his own opinion and holding it.

I would also like to compliment him on taking the trouble to express an opinion and the courteous manner with which the message was delivered.

I am sure there are many in the silent and not so silent majority who support his opinion.

Keith Sullivan