Bathurst tries again for Oberon Dam water ... and might try a third time

BATHURST has made another attempt to buy water from Oberon Dam - and has had another knockback.

Earlier this year, Bathurst Regional Council applied to the NSW Government to purchase a water allocation from Oberon Dam.

Bathurst Regional Council was prepared to spend around $4 million to gain an extra six months of water.

The council has been advised the request has been denied, due to "the importance of the Fish River Scheme to parts of Greater Sydney's water supply system".

Councillor Jess Jennings branded the decision "offensive", given Bathurst farmers produce food that helps feed people in Sydney.

It was the second time Bathurst Regional Council had attempted and failed to get an allocation from Oberon Dam and the council's general manager David Sherley hasn't ruled out a third attempt.

"We will continue to discuss the matter with the government, in particularly having regard to rainfall patterns over the winter," he said.

Oberon Dam is currently at 24.53 per cent capacity and falling. Oberon is under level two water restrictions and has no "plan B" - the dam is Oberon's only water supply.