Oberon High | Getting their hands dirty laying concrete slab

OBERON High School students studying the Cert 11 in Construction Pathways completed a project recently to lay a concrete slab for the new crush to be included in the relocation of the stock yards at the school.

The students have been learning how to use levelling equipment to excavate the ground, prepare the formwork, install reinforcing and then lay and finish the slab.

The students and Mr Boyd were very happy for the gift of sunny weather and the task "went off" without a hitch.

Many thanks to Dave from Oberon Concrete for his invaluable instructions during the concrete pour.

Cake decorating

DURING the study of the Food for Special Occasions unit, Oberon High School students had to select an event or celebration to investigate.

As part of the assessment task, students had to design a cake that would be suitable for the celebration or event chosen as well as bake a cake or cupcakes that they could then decorate as part of the food supplied at the event.

Students undertook a series of practical lessons where they baked their cakes or cupcakes to demonstrate they could be safe and hygienic participants in the kitchen environment.

They then formed fondant creations, iced and decorated cupcakes and found interesting ways to utilise buttercream icing techniques such as watercolour icing, piping and combing buttercream with other items to create their masterpieces.