On the buses: Coach to Tarana is travelling five days a week

THE NSW Government says a new bus service connecting to the Bathurst Bullet at Tarana is making it easier for Oberon residents to travel to Sydney.

The new service began on June 1, replacing the Oberon to Mount Victoria coach three-day service, which stopped operating on May 24.

The NSW Government says the new service will run five days a week.

Timetable: Oberon to Tarana to meet Bathurst Bullet

Monday to Friday am - school days

Oberon coach stop depart 7.15am; Tarana Railway Station arrive 7.45am; Train departure Tarana to Sydney (Bathurst Bullet) 8.07am. Bus continues to school service - returning to Oberon at 9.02am.

Monday to Friday am - non-school days

Oberon coach stop 7.15am; Tarana Railway Station arrive 7.45am; Tarana Station depart 8.15am; Oberon coach stop arrive 8.45am.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday pm - school and non-school days

Depart Oberon coach stop at 5.35pm to arrive at Tarana Railway Station at 6.05pm; Train arrival from Sydney (Bathurst Bullet) at Tarana Railway Station at 6.14pm; Tarana Station depart 6.20pm; Oberon coach stop arrive 6.50pm.

Information and tickets for the new coach services is available at transportnsw.info/