Oberon drivers on notice after police receive reports of bad behaviour

Oberon Police are appealing for drivers to comply with road rules after a rise in driving offences in the area.

A police spokesperson said there had been a lot of drivers caught speeding by highway patrol officers on local and rural roads, as well as a rise in general driving offences and reckless behaviour.

"There have been several instances reported to police where people have reported near-misses in residential streets by drivers travelling over the speed limit and also instances where residents have complained about hoon behaviour including street racing and burnouts in local streets," the spokesperson said.

"An infringement notice for a burnout will cost the driver $686 and three points or police may charge the driver and put them before the court where fines of up to $3300 and/or imprisonment for nine months with a disqualification period of 12 months can be imposed.

"Police can also impound vehicles immediately or confiscate the number plates and the vehicle cannot be driven for six months.

"The same penalties relate to street racing and if a driver is detected committing a subsequent offence within a five-year period, they may lose their vehicle."

The spokesperson said a complaint was received on Sunday after two vehicles were spotted driving in a dangerous manner near the Oberon Common and the skate park area and some children at the location were placed in danger as a result of the drivers' senseless behaviour.

"That matter is being investigated by police and anyone with dash cam footage or further information is requested to contact police," they said.

"As a result of the apparent lack of regard for road rules by some drivers, local police and highway patrol officers will be commencing a long-term operation in the district targeting drivers that commit traffic offences and will be paying particular attention to those who think it's acceptable to place themselves and others in danger due to their lack of regard for the law."