Oberon Garden Club | Winter Botanica on agenda at meeting

WELCOME back to Oberon Garden Club members after a very trying long, hot and dry summer. And it's not yet over!

So far we haven't received any of the torrential rain that has fallen elsewhere, but here's hoping.

Most gardens have experienced some plant losses and everything looks very stressed.


Nevertheless, there may be a few treasures in our gardens that could kick off the OGY award for 2020. See what you can find.

At the December Christmas gathering, the 2019 OGY award went again to Nancy Brown, with Brenda Lyon the runner-up.

The Kris Kringle provided much spirited trading of some truly amazing gifts. We can't imagine what Charles has done with the enormous vase he was so keen to acquire.

John and Robin have not yet found room to hang the picture that John ended up with. We suspect Robin is not so keen.

Our meeting this month will be held at the Uniting Church Hall on Monday, February 17 at 10am.

There will be no speaker this month as much of the time will be taken up with a discussion of the proposed Oberon Winter Botanica.

This event is scheduled for the first weekend in July 2020, to coincide with the start of the school holidays, and this is an inaugural garden-related artistic festival which will focus on the special characteristics of our cold winter climate.

Many members of our community are already involved in this Garden Club initiative.

At a time when life in Oberon tends to be "quiet", it is hoped that Botanica will benefit the community in many ways.

If time permits at the meeting, we will have a discussion about various approaches to managing the lack of garden water being experienced by most of us.

Rosalie Pollock will lead by telling of her approaches.

There will also be the usual morning tea and raffle.

Hope to see a good roll up, and a large number of OGY entries to start the year.

New members are always welcome.

Those seeking more information can contact Nancy on 6336 1187.