Oberon High | Australia Day awards and a visit to Vietnam

IT was great to see so many community members at the Australia Day ceremony. Congratulations to all the nominees and particularly the recipients of Australia Day awards.

It was exciting to have two Oberon High students receive awards for their significant contribution to the community in general as well as our school throughout their time with us.

Baily Nielsen was presented with the Young Citizen of the Year Award and Malcom Voerman was presented with the Australia Day Committee Special Award.


Elysha O'Neill, a recently retired member of the Australian water polo team, was our Australia Day ambassador for 2020.

The school would also like to acknowledge Cody Francis, Taniesha Rusten and Maddison Rusten, who were all nominated for the Young Sportsperson of the Year Award.

Well done to everyone and it follows a number of years where students from our school have received recognition on Australia Day.


On Saturday, January 11, 10 students and three staff began their journey to Vietnam.

The students spent eight days travelling around North Vietnam, volunteering in a local primary school, cleaning waterways in Ha Long Bay, exploring some of the history of the Vietnam War and experiencing the Vietnamese culture in general.

Students were guided by a local called Tim who very quickly became a beloved member of the group. Tim led students through a variety of hikes and bike rides, making sure all students and staff got the most out of their time in his country.

Students got to experience two different types of homestays during their time overseas.

The first homestay was a definite highlight, where students were taught a variety of dances involving bamboo sticks, and helped plant trees at the local school, finishing their time with performing a song to the kindergarten students.

Overall, the trip was a very worthwhile and valuable experience.

They stepped outside of their comfort zones numerous times while they explored both the city and the countryside of Vietnam. The group was an absolute pleasure to take overseas.

Oberon High School teachers Mr Inwood, Ms McTrustry and Miss Marshall cannot be prouder of their students.