Letter | A few more tips for the tourists coming to Oberon

HAVING purchased a copy of the Visit Oberon booklet, I find it hard to believe that they did not mention the factory as one of the things to see in Oberon.

Covering 10 acres in size, this is the biggest factory in Australia, and some say in the southern hemisphere, with a continuous supply of steam coming from one of the large chimneys.


Also, they could have mentioned that if on a trip to the Oberon Dam, they could have turned down Buckley Crescent and gone around the houses that the Oberon Council purchased from the builders of the Oberon Dam.

It would also have been interesting to mention that what is now Warragamba Dam was once well-populated Burragorang Valley.

Oberon is a large, spread-out town with plenty to see and lots of good cheap eating places. The RSL Club, the Big Trout and the Royal Hotel all have good $10 lunches.

Bill Hoolihan