Man filmed altercation as the situation started to deteriorate

AN Oberon woman who has pleaded guilty to a string of offences, including affray and common assault, will be sentenced in Oberon Local Court on March 3.

Renee Simone Barry, 45, of Carrington Avenue, Oberon, appeared before magistrate Catherine Follent in Bathurst Local Court on Monday, where she pleaded guilty to the four charges against her.

Barry was charged with common assault, affray and two counts of stalking or intimidating with the intention of causing fear of physical harm.

On Monday, Ms Follent ordered a sentencing assessment report, noting Barry had no prior convictions on her record. She said the allegations were objectively quite serious.

Police facts tendered to the court told how the charges were laid following an incident in Oberon on November 22 where Barry used unlawful violence through conduct that would make a person present at the scene fear for their safety.

The police facts outlined an incident at an Oberon store earlier in the evening of November 22, after which time, the victim in the matter left and parked her car outside a property in North Street.

It was here that Barry started accusing the victim of assaulting a young child at the store. The victim denied this and told Barry to "go back and watch the footage".

At this stage, the victim's partner started to film the altercation with the victim. Barry was told to leave or the police would be called, but the situation escalated as Barry got close to the victim's partner's face and grabbed his right arm.

A witness tried to break the situation up and police attended shortly after.

Police facts said the actions had put the safety of themselves and others at risk and members of the Oberon community had been subject to poor behaviour on the street.

When Barry was spoken to by police, police said she declined an opportunity to be interviewed, telling them she didn't think it would change anything.

Police did, however, say Barry showed remorse for her actions, saying she never intended to go there and cause a fight and she had been upset about it since it happened.