Time to have a ball at the Malachi as restoration continues

SUCCESS: Lucy and Johnny East with their National Trust Award in May 2019 for best event for the Malachi Revival.
SUCCESS: Lucy and Johnny East with their National Trust Award in May 2019 for best event for the Malachi Revival.

"My Oberon, what visions have I seen."

The words of Titania, the Queen of the fairies, in act four of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream drive the vision for an enormous project taking shape in Oberon.

The restoration and reactivation of the Malachi Gilmore Hall on Oberon Street is moving steadily forward with funding support from the NSW Government and the commitment of its owners, Lucy and Johnny East.


"We have welcomed encouragement from Oberon Council and the people of Oberon give warm and enthusiastic support with every step of the project. The Malachi deserves the very best of efforts and its future is bright and secure," Mrs East said.

Building works and critical repairs will continue over the summer with the aim of achieving compliance with the Malachi's newly approved building code as an Assembly Hall.

The Malachi Gilmore Hall is safely protected as it is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register. The Heritage Council has rigorously overseen the plans for the development, according to the Easts.

The reactivation of the Malachi as a cinema and performance venue is satisfactory as it is in line with the building's original purpose.

"Even as all the work goes on in the background, we couldn't see the year finish without a celebratory event. A Midsummer Night's Ball held on the longest day of the year seemed fitting," Mrs East said.

The Malachi will host a Midsummer Night's Ball on Saturday, December 21, beginning with a sparkling reception, followed by dinner and entertainment.

"The ball will feature the 10-piece New Trocadero Orchestra playing music of the 30s and 40s Art Deco era," Mrs East said.

"I discovered, going through the Malachi archive, that the New Trocadero Orchestra played at the Malachi in 1997 for the 60th birthday of the building.

"The Malachi continues to weave its magic through so many connections; I am continually encouraged by wonderful discoveries."

Final tickets are available through the Malachi Gilmore Hall website or at the Oberon Visitors' Centre.