Rural Notebook | Settle in for the sales and show some support

LIQUID GOLD: The result of a successful search for underground water. This bore cost around $14,000 and costs of the pump must still be added.
LIQUID GOLD: The result of a successful search for underground water. This bore cost around $14,000 and costs of the pump must still be added.

IF you are reading this article at breakfast you still have plenty of time to drive out to Black Springs and watch the auction of 60 young poll dorset rams at the Mount Bathurst stud auction.

With a 1pm sale and proceeds of Lot 1 to cancer research, this is an opportunity to touch base with some local producers and discuss the probability of floods.

Pomanara sale

PERHAPS you read this column too late for the Mount Bathurst sale but all is not lost.

Robyn and Geoff Rayner's Pomanara Ram sale will be held this Saturday at 1pm and will offer 32 fine and superfine rams.

It would be good to see a lot of Bathurst Merino Association members attend this sale to show support for a local family and their stud at their 31st annual sale.

This is another opportunity to mix with fellow producers and to accept that we're all in this together, don't want sympathy and intend to be here for the celebrations that will follow the overflowing of Burrendong, Wyangala and Chifley Dams.

Don't put the prayer beads down just yet please.

PICTURE PERFECT: A red sunset through heavy smoke haze. Lynn and Bill Berry's house near Perthville is in the foreground.

PICTURE PERFECT: A red sunset through heavy smoke haze. Lynn and Bill Berry's house near Perthville is in the foreground.

Young rams

BRENDEN and Kerry Cole advise that their Turon Hill Superfine Merino Stud and Farnham border Leicester studs will offer 35 young rams on property on Saturday, November 16 at 10am.

The 20 merino and 15 borders will represent very good value, all one price - first in, best dressed.

The merinos are genuine superfines bred for specialty Italian spinners and the Farnham borders have an established clientele.

Prices and details in next week's column.


Farewell, Peter

THE recent passing of former stock and station agent Peter Bowyer revives memories of the setting up of the successful private agency Bowyer and Livermore in the Central Tablelands in the 1970s.

Peter was a Farmers and Graziers stalwart, Brent Livermore a key AML&F staffer and they added Bob Bodel from Winchcombe Carson and Bill Dawson from Oberon to form our district's leading rural agency.

Peter will be greatly missed by his many friends and former clients.

Wedded bliss

WEDDING congratulations to popular Perthville couple Katie Stanford and Dan Taylor who were married at a lovely site in the local countryside.

Their many friends wish them much happiness in the years ahead.

Better late ...

A COUPLE of belated birthday greetings to Bob and Margaret Alderman in Bathurst.

They've been busy community members all their lives, Margaret as a willing helper across the city and Bob as "big hearted Bob" for many years at the tyre service centre opposite the old Clancy Motors site.

Look ahead

WITH the countdown to Christmas well under way, it's not surprising that suggestions are being made on possible candidates for the 2020 local government elections to he held next September.

The prospect of several country-based personalities has been mentioned but the few full-time farmers in the Bathurst district probably don't need another role to add to their workload.

To achieve a working majority at the council table it seems that three like-minded teams of two would probably give a desired result, at least five councillors elected.

Hopefully, none of the election candidates would be seeking fame but would be working for the common good. There isn't much fame in being a councillor.

Ewe beauty

THE annual first cross ewe breeders sale at the Bendigo Livestock Exchange Huntley offers 20,000 top quality young ewes and premium prices are anticipated.

Many of the top lines have had a light mules, dipped or backlined, and the vast majority are Gudair vaccinated.

Press the recall button to the late 1990s and we hear several public vets tell a federal senate inquiry in Orange that there would never be a market for an OJD vaccine as it would be too costly.

Zoetis has been a godsend to the Central and Southern Tablelands and a great marketing tool for the stud and restocker sheep industry nationwide.


SEVERAL Facebook sites have posted great photos of early Bathurst, its rivers and streams and its trade businesses and its saleyards.

Reference is often made of the stock routes from rural properties to slaughterhouses and stock saleyards.

Producers from the Turon River to the north of Bathurst tell of walking cattle, sheep and horses through Kelso to Bathurst saleyards.

My dad walked 500 woolly wethers from Raglan Hill to Perthville to be shorn annually, and then we walked them back again much more quickly.

That was an adventure with George Piper and me as a 12-year-old boy on the drover's pony.

The Piper brothers were professional stock drovers and were experts at their job.

A mob of woolly wethers would be a handful on the Great Western Highway in 2019.

Dam good job

THOSE who went before us built the water supply dams of Windamere, Burrendong, Oberon, Chifley, Burrinjuck and Wyangala all within a couple of hours' drive of each other.

If you were a bookie, which dam would you back to overflow first?

My favourite is Burrendong, closely followed by Wyangala, and I suggest Mayor Bourke will still be in office as the water gushes down the spillway at Chifley Dam.

Wool report

THE wool market has enjoyed another positive week with all types making good gains.

The superfine and fine merinos gained around 70c/kg and the medium and stronger merinos around 60c/kg.

The crossbred wools also saw gains of around 70c/kg while the merino cardings were the standout for the week, gaining 99c/kg.

The Northern Market Indicator also had a strong week to finish on 1626c/kg, up 66c/kg.

Next week will see 36,560 bales on offer nationwide.

Mark Horsburgh, TWG Landmark

Laugh lines

THE Sunday school teacher told the littlies: "So the Lord told Lot to take his wife and flee into Egypt. Then Lot and his wife disobeyed and were turned into pillars of salt."

Young Herbert listened intently and asked: "And then what happened to the flea?"


THE fact that there's a Highway To Hell but a Stairway To Heaven gives us some indication of the anticipated amount of traffic to each destination.


THE escort girl stopped a pious gentleman in the street and he was quite offended.

He scolded her: "Do you have any idea of the extent of the effects of Original Sin?"

She fluttered her eyelashes and replied: "No, I don't love, but I'd probably have to charge a bit more for it."