Letter | Council, get professional and leave ad hoc behind

I READ Keith Sullivan's letter in the October 24 Oberon Review ("Change at council needed") with interest.

I agree that Oberon Council is not representative of its constituents. I am a member of a committee advising council on heritage matters and we were told quite unequivocally that the council officers need not heed any opinion of the committee. I didn't respond at the time as I was a new chum.

Secondly, I have been watching the activities at the Oberon Common for some five years now.


We have a marginally used 40 car park and two gullies filled with spoil. Neither of these activities was the result of a plan discussed with the Oberon constituents.

I feel the professional way to proceed would have been to commence with an overall plan rather than this obviously ad hoc approach.

Councils, like any other professional group, have to observe guidelines and the guidelines have to be defined.

Where is this definition and are squirrel meetings included in this definition? Or is this just another ad hoc approach?

Bob Mills