Black Springs looks back | How school students hit the road

DAYS OF THE OLD SCHOOLYARD: The student body at Black Springs Public School in 1981 when the school celebrated its centenary.
DAYS OF THE OLD SCHOOLYARD: The student body at Black Springs Public School in 1981 when the school celebrated its centenary.

THE Black Springs Community Association will hold a Black Springs Heritage Festival on Saturday, October 26 from 10am to 4pm. The day will include tours of local churches and cemeteries. There will also be a display of historical photographs.

Below is a story which appeared in the Black Springs Gymkhana program of events in the 1960s.

The Black Springs Progress School Bus Service was introduced in 1964 to enable children from the Porters Retreat and Isabella areas to attend Black Springs School following the closure of small schools in these areas.

A loan was negotiated from the Oberon branch of the Commonwealth Bank to buy a new small school bus.


The intention of the association was to provide transportation for children at a minimal cost to parents and for the service to operate on a non-profit basis.

The venture proved successful and, after two years of operation, the foresight of the association has assured parents of regular schooling for their children.

With the influx of new families, the number of children conveyed has increased from 17 in January 1964 to an estimated 30 to 35 for the first term in 1966.

Because the original vehicle was inadequate to cope with the increased number of children using the service, the association approved the expenditure of 2575 pounds for the purchase of a new 21 adult seater bus.


In the school's centenary celebrations, Black Springs School had 35 enrolments.

Pictured are principal Mr G Fox, assistants Mrs F Adams and Miss F Gale, clerical assistant Mrs L Gibbons; Kindergarten: John Fox, Andrew Hillsdon, Tanya McLeod and Alexandra Plummer; Year 1: Phillip Howe, Peter Ryan, Matthew Still, Warren Zwiers, Beth Gibbons, Megan Hanrahan, Paula Hogan, Karren-Anne McRae, Shelley Stapleton and Nicola Turner; Year 2: Jason Gibbons, Mark Hillsdon, Martin Hotham, Gregory McKinnon, David Nielsen, Daniel Pearce, Richard Precians, David Sheppard, Michael Thomas, Kurt Woods, Kathy Fox, Elena Howe, Tracey McLeod, Julie Stapleton and Belinda Wells; Year 3: Roger Bremner, Christopher Hillsdon, Stephen Hotham, Andrew Prohaska, Stephen Schrader, Wendell Zwiers, Rachel McRae, Elissa Perrott, Leah Soames, Janelle Stapleton and Geraldine Turner; Year 4: Gerard Hogan, Gregory Hotham, Tomothy Perrott, Scott Still, Robert Wells, Pauline Hill, Tonia Precians and Janine Robinson; Year 5: David Clayton, Darren Hope, Darren Hotham, Eric Ryan, Mark Schrader, Marianne Hotham, Jackie McKinnon, Kerri Sheppard and Leonie Stapleton; Year 6: Paul Robinson (captain), Daren Thomas, Bernadette Hogan, Sonja Nielsen, Mary Robinson (captain) and Melissa Stapleton.