Oberon Tigers to host extraordinary general meeting after club fails to fill committee roles at AGM

GO AGAIN: Oberon will require an extraordinary general meeting to fill its committee for the upcoming 2020 season. Photo: PHIL BLATCH
GO AGAIN: Oberon will require an extraordinary general meeting to fill its committee for the upcoming 2020 season. Photo: PHIL BLATCH

Oberon Tigers will meet again later this month after the club failed to fill several vacancies on its committee at its annual general meeting on Wednesday night.

Ian Christie-Johnston had nominated for president again and Neil O'Grady was happy to fill the role of secretary again heading into 2020.

Committee members from the 2019 season had indicated their intentions to retire or not stand again for the upcoming season, however, there were no nominations received for vice-president, treasurer and registrar, meaning the club will require an extraordinary annual meeting to fill the vacancies.

O'Grady said he was happy to stand again for secretary as long as the other committee roles would be filled, however, he said he would not stand for secretary if those roles couldn't be filled.

O'Grady thought that the turnout at Wednesday night's meeting - about 10 people showed up - was "disappointing", considering how heavily advertised the meeting had been.

"The club is in a good financial position, with money in the bank, but we didn't have enough nominations to form a committee," he explained.

"In terms of the constitution, we have to hold an extraordinary meeting within 21 days, which has been scheduled for October 17. We'll attempt to fill the committee then."

O'Grady said that rugby league plays a vital role in the Oberon community and that the sport's future in the town is at risk if the committee cannot be filled.

"Sunday afternoon football in Oberon is an institution," he said.

"We pack that home ground every home game and that's at risk if people are prepared to forgo that institution.

"Oberon is fanatical about rugby league. They love their footy and they love to go to the ground on Sunday afternoon."

O'Grady said the club is still looking for a coach for its premier league team ahead of the 2020 season, after Josh Starling opted to have a year off from the sport to concentrate on being a first-time father.

Starling was contracted to the Tigers for 2020, but even though it was a blow to the club's long-term plans, Oberon agreed to release him from his contract.

O'Grady explained that the club has a shortlist of about five non-Oberon players the Tigers want as coach for next season.

"Instead of finding out who's available, we're actually looking at players with the right attributes," he said.

"We're yet to table an offer to anyone at the moment.

"I spoke to our leadership group and they indicated it would be best if we had someone experienced, who had no previous association with the club so that they had a fresh set of eyes."